Monday, February 10, 2020

[ACTIVITY REPORT] Let's Make Festival Masks with Kyoiku-kai

On the day before Setsubun, we got together to make Oni masks and Carnival masks. First we watched videos on Setsubun and Carnival (in English) and then started to paint and decorate the masks! 

Each child got two white masks: a round one and a cat one. With paints, pens, stickers and masking tapes, children decorated their masks. Then they ate roasted soy beans, as many as their age according to the tradition, and went out for bean throwing. Daddies put on the oni mask their kids made and played the role of Oni demon. Children threw the beans to drive away bad luck that Oni represents. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed the event. 

Kyoiku-kai, a daddies' group based in Nishi ward, will have another event in May. More details will be announced later. 

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