Tuesday, October 10, 2017

[Report] Recycling and Garbage workshop in Hodogaya 2017

The international mothers' gathering in Hodogaya, named Piccolo, held a workshop on recycling and garbage separation at Iwama Shimin Plaza. The officers of the department of environment and resources of the city of Yokohama came to explain how to separate the garbage.

もやすごみ(moyasu gomi) is burnable garbage. You can see plastic items in the photo: plastic wrappings are recyclable, but plastic items are not (for the moment in Yokohama). You can also see a yogurt cup, a noodle cup and laundry powder box: they are marked "paper" 紙(kami)but the paper  containers used for food and detergent etc. (,which are considered to be dirty) cannot be recycled. Also, a milk carton with aluminum inside cannot be collected as "Recyclable Paper". However, many supermarkets collect them to recycle. 


プラスチック製容器包装(plastic sei youki housou) is a plastic wrapping. Just wrappings, so the plastic bag that contains a straw is recyclable, but the straw itself is burnable garbage even if it is made of plastic. The plastic label wrapped around a plastic bottle drink is a plastic wrapping, so remove it from the bottle along with the cap, and the bottle goes to No.3 below. 

かん びん ペットボトル (cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles)
They are collected on the same day as small metal articles. You can put cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles in the same bag when you throw them away. However, metallic bottle caps are "small metal articles", so remove them and throw them away as "small metal articles" in a separated bag.

Paper and old cloths. You can put them out on a rainy day, too. Even if it is written "紙(paper)", paper food containers etc. cannot be included in this category. 

The gifts for the participants: garbage bags and handkerchiefs. 
Thank you very much!!!

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