Tuesday, September 5, 2017

[SHOPPING] Mammies Hours Project

We would like to introduce you Mommies Hours Project, which is for sick children and their family and friends.

Official website:
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Here's the message from the founder (English translation follows):

自身の経験をもとに、市販されていないカテーテルケースを販売しています。I am selling CV catherter cases, which are not sold at stores, through my own experience.

Mommies Hours Shop is an online shopping site to support children fighting against sickness and their families. I am selling items like CV catheter cases, which are not easily found at stores, and items that necessary for sick children who need long treatment, but caretakers have to make by themselves in the current situation (where they can't find any at stores).

About gifts for sick kids

Most of the customers who purchase the catheter cases at Mommies Hours Shop are caretakers of sick children who have to get through long treatment. 
I propose "gifts for sick kids", that I found really helpful through my experience with sick children. I also donate a part of the profit to lodging facilities for sick children and their family. I would like to continue this project under a motto "A little bit (of time and effort)...but for good". 


Although I asked around support in various fields, there's no way but to run the project by myself at the moment. I created the website alone at the hospital where my son had medical treatment and started this Mommies Hours Project. The updates, photo shooting and production of the items are all done by one person, except for a sewing crew. 

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