Wednesday, June 21, 2017

[SPORTS] Yokohama Outdoor Swimming Pools and Baby-friendly Pools in Kanagawa(2017)

The outdoor swimming season is coming!

You can search your closest outdoor swimming pools here (choose your language (言語)from the list (English is 英語)).

*The opening hours and dates depend on each pool. Mostly from July 9th to September 4th.

*You may be able to bring your young children who haven't finished potty training to the pool for free, but they can't enter the water for hygiene reasons.

*Kishitani Park, Yokodai South Park and Morimachi Park have an inflatable pool for young children with diaper.

*Honmoku Citizen's Pool is always closed. They're considering the reconstruction as the facility is getting too old (they're also considering the reconstruction of Yokohama Pool Center).

Looking for baby-friendly swimming pools?

Kodomono Kuni Pool
They ask caretakers to use swim diaper for kids who haven't finished potty training and to check the inside frequently;-)

Tsujido Kaihin Park Jumbo Pool
Kujira no umi (くじらの海Whale's Sea) and Taki no pool (滝のプールWater Fall Pool) accept swim diapers. Both are a sort of water-play yard.Young kids under/before potty training can't use other pools including the toddlers' pool.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
If your children are not potty-trained yet, they can put on the swim diaper and swim suit over it. You can buy swim diapers at the shop there. You cannot bring them into the bath area (Mori no Yu: where you are supposed not to wear swim suit).

Sagamiko Pleasure Forest 
Jabujabu Paradise
This is not a swimming pool but a water-play yard, so you don't have to wear swim suit. Young children must wear swim diaper if they haven't finished potty training and can play only at the toddlers' area.

Oiso Long Beach
The same condition as Yunessun (swim diaper and swim suit).

Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa
Bade Zone
You can bring children over 1 year old with swim diaper. Babies under 1 year old are not accepted.

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