Wednesday, December 2, 2015

[IMCY ACTIVITY REPORT] Cookpad & IMCY Recipe Sharing Party Autumn 2015

We had the second Recipe Sharing Lunch Party at Cookpad kitchen in Ebisu on November 30th.

This time, the theme was: Autumn / Kids-friendly or Holidays.

Children were rather younger than last time, so mostly moms cooked the dishes, but the oldest helped us, too (which was really cute).

Some prepared desserts at home and brought them for the lunch:

Spiral cookies and a stollen (German/Alsacien Christmas bread)

And we cooked following dishes:

-Chickpea cocktail salad
-Potato Mochi (imo-mochi)
-Osechi dishes (Red and White Namasu, Datemaki, Kombu-maki, Sweet potato chakin, Kuri Kinton and Kamaboko)

Some participants haven't prepared Osechi (a boxed Japanese New Year meal) before and were excited to learn how to cook some of the typical dishes. They're not so difficult at all!

We prepared three flavors of imo-mochi (cheese, nori and purple potato-colored).

And we also tried the Kamaboko cutwork!

And enjoy!!! 

Imo-mochi, Namasu, Chakin and Kuri Kinton.
Imo-mochi is not a traditional Osechi dish, but with these colors, we found that it is also good for Osechi!

Chickpea cocktail (yogurt and plain) and kombu-maki.

Osechi dishes (Kamaboko, Datemaki, Imo-mochi, Kombu-maki, Kuri kinton and Red ad White Namasu) served in the O-jyu box. 

We really enjoyed cooking, chatting and eating the food together!!
Why don't you try these festive dishes for the holiday season?

Please find the recipes at Cookpad English version:

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