Sunday, October 18, 2015

[IMCY Activity Report] Deko Maki Sushi Workshop October 8th,2015

Deko Maki Sushi, they are too cute to eat. By putting some to your child's lunchbox for sports day or even an ordinary day, the lunch becomes bright and spectacular, doesn’t it?

This time, we learned how to make cute little rabbits. The previous Deko Maki Sushi workshops were quite popular and we received many applications this year as well. 12 participants were chosen following a lottery draw. The instructor was Ms.Emi Maeda, JLL Japan Deko Sushi Association Master Instructor. The lessons began in a peaceful atmosphere.

We started with demonstrations from our instructor. She showed us how to make the rabbits, the subject of this time, and also how to make a jack-o'-lantern, as Halloween is just around the corner.

Deko Maki Sushi can be very creative with a variety of choices of ingredients to "built up" a design. The rabbit we learned this time is a design that uses the basic deco-maki techniques. The instructor told us that if we master the basics, we will be able to make all sorts of designs.

The instructor quickly finishing a deko maki sushi, explaining what she is doing.

The shiny side of the nori comes outside and the rough side is inside.

When cutting, make sure to clean the knife and wet its blade with water.

The instructor finishing The rabbits and jack-o'-lanterns in short time!

After watching the demonstration, we started making the sushi at each table: 3 groups of 4 people. It looked easy when we were watching, but it was hard to spread the rice evenly on top of the nori, and we can't roll it well when we put too much rice on it. Our instructor went around a table to another to carefully provide advice for us. With pleasant conversation and smiles at each table, everyone enjoyed making sushi until the end.

There were also free babysitting service in the next room, so we believe many moms were able to have their own time to refresh. We would like to continue to have events to connect people.

Thanks for those who joined the workshop! We are looking forward to seeing you at next event!

Ms.maeda emi's blog:

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