Wednesday, August 5, 2015

[IMCY Activity Report] A Visit to Cookpad Office & Light Lunch Cooking

We had "A Visit to Cookpad Office & Light Lunch Cooking" on 31st July, 2015!

The international division at Cookpad kindly invited IMCY members to their fabulous kitchen to have a visit and light lunch cooking party.

The cooking theme was "Kids-friendly".

A recipe that's fun for kids?
A recipe friendly for kids?

If you are a mother with young children, you must have been at a loss trying to think up a over these questions: what shall we cook? What can please them and be nutritious at the same time?

So we decided this time to try some menus which, not only look good but are fun to make with kids. Mothers and children all had fun cooking together!

Cookpad provided us the location for this event, the kitchen in their head office on the 12th floor of Ebisu Garden Place. The spacious kitchen also had fantastic view!

The menu of the day was:

-Tortilla sandwich
-Stewed pumpkin
-Kakikori(Japanese shaved ice)

Participants all brought their own recipes and we started by sharing recipes as we began to cook together.And kids were happy to help cooking.

Making "shiratama dingo"… sticky rice flour dumplings.
Every single one of these were made by the kids.

Stewed pumpkin.
By sprinkling sugar over the pumpkin and letting it sit for 30 minutes, the pumpkin releases its natural moisture and becomes sweeter.

Tortilla sandwich.
The combination of the multi-colored vegetables adds an appetizing freshness to its presentation.

We cooked 4 dishes in about one hour and then sat down to enjoy them together. There were many bell peppers and tomatoes in the ratatouille and tortilla sandwich, but the kids ate them all up with zest.

At the end of the meal, we had shaved ice with a choice of toppings!
The kids were all screaming with joy.

You can find the recipes of the day and more kids-friendly recipes on Cookpad in English.
It is easy to create an account, so let's try it!

Cookpad English

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