Thursday, May 8, 2014

[EVENT] Kanagawaku International Festival Minato Festa

Kanagawaku International Festival (Minato Festa) is going to be held on 25th May. The place is near Yokohama Station and it takes 10 minutes from the West Exit. There will be some booths for foods, items and exhibitions.

Date:     Sunday 25th May, 10:00-15:30
Place:     Sawatari Chuo Park and Yokohama Shimin Bosai Center
               4-7 Sawarari, Kanagawa ward
Access:  ・10 minutes from Yokohama Station West Exit
              (Via Diamond Underground Shopping Arcade South 12 Exit)
              ・13 minutes from Tanmachi Station  (Tokyu Toyoko Line)
              ・Yokohama Municipal Bus System34 Shimin Bosai Center Mae Bus stop

Contents: ・Events on the stage - Taiko (Japanese drums), brass bands, and dance
                ・Touching animals like pony
                ・The Exhibition of the activities by the groups around Kanagawa ward
                ・The booth for selling fresh local vegetables and products from foreign countries
                ・The food stands for international foods and Japanese popular foods
                ・The booth for Handicraft workshop
 Admission Free

It's going to be held even if it's raining, but in the case of rough weather, it's going to be postponed.

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